An engagement ring is more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry. It’s very much a reflection of who you are and uniquely stays with you in a way that other jewelry does not. For this reason, an engagement ring is special. So, what might your style of engagement ring say about you and your personality? Take a look at some popular styles of engagement rings and consider your stylistic preferences.


To begin with, some of the most popular engagement rings are considered “traditional”. These include styles like a halo, princess, or square diamond ring. Are you someone who appreciates tradition and the timelessness of certain styles? Do you feel connected to a sense of stability and a nod to simplicity? If you’re drawn to more traditional styles like a princess cut with a singular band, for example, this is likely the case. You can’t go wrong with any of the stunning traditional engagement ring options available. They remain popular for a reason!


Another stylistic choice is that of modern and timeless options. These might include different styles, like oval or round stones. These kinds of styles indicate a desire to include the timelessness of traditional stones while also adding in some of your personality. Other examples of a modern twist on engagement rings include different stones aside from diamonds, which show you’re not afraid to move away from traditional features. You can also mix and match different band metals and stones as well. There are several ways to upgrade traditional styles to be more modern.


Do you love daring, new, and attention-grabbing styles? Not interested in fitting a particular mold but prefer making your own path? Although traditional features are beautiful options, if you want to make a unique statement, don’t shy away from that! Consider stones like rubies, amethyst, or other birthstones instead of diamonds. Not a big jewelry wearer? You can have a dual-purpose engagement and wedding band, or even fuse both of your rings together for a special and noticeable look. If you love making a big statement with your fashion and personality, large stones, bands, and/or mixing all of these aspects together might be up for your alley. For example, a diamond stone accented with other stones either around the band or framing the setting is a stunning bold choice. Non-traditional stone shapes like oval or marquise settings are another way to incorporate your unique personality into your ring preferences.


Whatever your preference for stone, size, or band color, our collection of engagement rings has something for you. Stop by our store in East Longmeadow, MA to see our stunning engagement rings and find your perfect option!


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