Over the last several years – and especially because of the pandemic – there’s been a push to buy almost anything online. This has affected every industry, including jewelry. While shopping and buying an engagement ring online may seem practical, is it really worth it in the end? This post will discuss some of these concerns and other potential drawbacks of online engagement ring shopping.


At first glance, an online jewelry store may appear to offer a greater selection than in-person locations. This is a tempting reason to shop online for people who may think jewelry stores are intimidating. However, the fact of the matter is that the selection in an online store is usually of lower quality and made in bulk. If you are looking for specialized or unique items, an online store usually only has “on trend” and basic styles. 


Have you ever ordered something online only to have it be totally different than what you expected? It can be more than a little disappointing. When it comes to engagement rings, the same thing can happen. Computer monitors make it difficult to know the accurate color and sizing. Plus, if the ring isn’t what you wanted, you have to worry about shipping it back and finding a new one all over again.


A similar concern to consider if you shop for an engagement ring online is not being able to see your ring before you buy it. Many styles look a certain way on the website but are completely different in person. For example, a popular style might seem like a good choice in the marketing pictures, but not everyone’s hands are the same. A visit to a local jewelry store can help avoid some of these issues because you can see the rings in person.


Online-only jewelry stores do not always provide information on where and how they get their products. An engagement ring is a big purchase. Quality is very important to ensure durability to last potentially for the rest of your life. At Stephen Allen Jewelers, we sell non-conflict diamond rings to fit your budget. Don’t risk buying a conflict or imitation diamond online.


Finally, even the best online customer service can’t replace the knowledge and expertise an experienced jeweler provides. Instead of going in blind and trusting some product reviews on a website, one of our team members can help point you to the right engagement ring for your budget and style preferences. We can also assist with any questions you might have along the way and how to care for your jewelry -which many online stores do not provide. 

With something as important as an engagement ring, you want to feel cared for, understood, and informed. Plan a visit to Stephen Allen Jewelers today and see the difference shopping for an engagement ring in person can make. 


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