Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and since it’s one of the most popular times for proposals, it’s a good time to discuss the different types of engagement rings that you can choose from.

Do you prefer a classic style? Something a little more unique? Anything in between? These are the types of questions you want to consider when shopping for an engagement ring.

Let’s look at some of the most popular types of diamond cuts for engagement rings. We’ll even include some examples from our own collection!


Round diamond cuts are a classic and timeless choice when it comes to diamond styles. Round diamonds can either be rounded on all sides or at the top. If you want a ring that exudes classic sophistication and know that it’s likely to never go out of style, choose a round cut.


Another classic diamond cut is the princess cut. A princess cut is a dainty square shape with blunt edges. It is beautiful either as a solitary stone or with smaller diamonds around it. This is another great choice if you want a classic diamond that sparkles beautifully and flatters people with longer fingers.


Oval cuts are particularly stunning for those with shorter fingers. If you’re looking for a stone that has a more vintage vibe than some of the others, look no further! The oval cut also looks beautiful as a solitary stone because of its unique shape. To add even more bling, you could look into a halo setting to really bring out the brilliance of this cut.


Like oval cuts, emerald diamond cuts are flattering on short fingers because of the stone’s length. Emerald stones are rectangular and are stunning when paired with a more ornate band. This cut is another vintage-inspired option. Emerald cuts can also be on the bolder side, so they are perfect for someone who wants their ring to be the center of attention!

There are more styles of cuts than we’ve discussed today, like cushion and heart for example. If you’re really motivated, take a look at all of them and see which ones you are drawn to.


We hope we gave you some inspiration on what kind of engagement ring would be perfect for your partner. To get even more inspired, stop by our showroom in East Longmeadow. Come see our collection of gorgeous diamond cut engagement rings in person!


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