Your engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. Along with your wedding bands, engagement rings are statement pieces representing hope for the future and fond memories of years past.

But what if your engagement ring holds dear sentimental value but still wasn’t what you had in mind all those years ago? Or maybe you’re celebrating a special anniversary and you’re looking for a unique way to honor the occasion. Have you considered upgrading your engagement ring?

If you’ve never heard of upgrading your engagement ring, yes – we do that! Think you might be interested? Here’s a few common reasons you might consider upgrading your engagement ring.


Every couple is unique, as is their story and timeline. Did you marry young, or when one (or both) of you were in undergraduate or graduate school? In these scenarios, financial limitations are common. Perhaps resources didn’t allow for the exact engagement ring of your dreams, and as much as you love your original ring, your financial situation is much different now than it used to be. It may be time to consider a jewelry upgrade.


Style preferences change over time. If your original ring style is a little dated or your preferences have changed, consider upgrading your ring. You can add a different color band, replace the stone, or add other unique touches to better reflect your modern preferences.


What better way to mark an anniversary, vow renewal, or birthday than by making some upgrades to the ring that started it all!

Contrary to what you might think, you’re not required to sell your current ring and purchase a brand new one. Enjoy the process! Consider the following options to input your creativity, preferences, and wishes into your engagement ring upgrade.


A beautiful and simple way to upgrade your engagement ring is to change the color or size of the band. Got your eye on a beautiful gold band to replace the platinum original? It’s a trendy option this year, and understandably so.


An obvious choice when deciding to upgrade your engagement ring is to change the stone itself. You can do this replace the existing stone with a larger size, or even a different type of stone altogether. We’ve discussed the popularity of gemstones before, but it bears repeating: incorporate a gemstone as a unique and personal way to enhance the beauty of your current engagement ring.


Did you get your wedding bands engraved? Many couples do as a way to personalize their wedding jewelry. You can engrave your engagement ring too! If you’re more into subtle changes, this option is great for you. Engraving a special message doesn’t involve visible changes to the stone or band but still offers a meaningful, personalized upgrade to your engagement ring.

Whether you want to upgrade princess cut diamond to an oval stone, give your band some glamour with diamond accents, or simply start over and purchase a new ring altogether, our team is ready to help you. Call us at 413-525-9090 or stop by our East Longmeadow location to take a look at our collections and jewelry upgrade options in person.


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