Fall in New England is a beautiful time of the year to plan a proposal. The leaves burst into an array of colors, the weather cools down, and every day brings about a new sense of wonder and nostalgia. You want your proposal to evoke memories for years to come. Autumn proposals are sure to do that, but just like planning for a perfect summer wedding, there are still some considerations to keep in mind for a meaningful, beautiful proposal during fall. Our fall engagement guide features tips to make your proposal memorable this season.


Research Your Fall Engagement Day and Location


A big part of planning your perfect proposal is scheduling the day and time. As we get further into fall, the leaves start to change and the temperatures cool down. It’s important to keep these weather and external factors in mind when you plan your proposal. For example, do you want to propose amid a background of stunning, bright foliage? In New England, peak foliage occurs around the beginning to middle of October. Plan your proposal around that time to see the leaves popping in stunning color, framing your special moment perfectly! Keep in mind that the time of day matters too: as fall continues, the days get shorter. It’s a good idea to schedule your proposal on a weekend or work it in before sunset if you want to take advantage of the foliage.


Check with Friends and Family


A proposal is a reason to celebrate. When planning a fall proposal, schedule ahead with friends and family members if you want them to participate. Fall is a busy time of year, with back-to-school, activities, and other fun outings quickly filling up calendars. If you have an idea of when you’d like to propose, check with loved ones ahead of time. The more people you want to be present either after or during the proposal, the more complicated this can be. If you prefer a private event, you may not need to do this step.


Fall Engagement Guide: Capture The Moment


Want to capture the proposal on camera? Consider hiring a photographer or even a videographer. This is a unique way to relive this special occasion for years to come. If you want the proposal to be a complete surprise, it can be fun to work with a photographer or videographer to capture the moment secretly. Some couples prefer to take photos immediately after the proposal. Regardless of what you choose, it can be a great way to capture the proposal and cherish the memories of this day for a lifetime.


Find Your Perfect Fall Engagement Ring


Of course, we couldn’t talk about preparing for a fall engagement without mentioning the star of the show: the engagement ring! Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your proposal is so important. You want a ring that matches your beloved’s personality as well as delights them. It can be difficult to know what options are right for your scenario, especially if you plan a surprise proposal. Take your time researching the different styles. It’s also beneficial to see engagement rings in person rather than online since styles differ. 


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