Summer is the perfect time to get married. The weather is warm, nature is in bloom, and your loved ones have more free time, making it the perfect season to say “I do”. Of course, with every wedding, each season brings a unique blend of needs and things to consider, so we added them all into this summer wedding guide for a dream wedding.

Planning Your Wedding

Getting an early start on wedding planning is ideal, especially for summer. During the warmer season, people are more likely to plan vacations and trips, so be sure to give them lots of notice of your wedding dates. Summer is also a peak time to get married, so securing dates, locations, and even caters can be a challenge. Aim to plan a year ahead, but if you can’t, keep these things in mind. 

Set Your Budget

Start with your budget so you can plan realistically around what you want to spend. Your venue will typically be one of the bigger expenses, along with vendor services. Keep in mind you should factor in the costs of your dress, food, flowers, decor, travel, the reception, and more. One way to plan your budget is to list out everything you want to be included in your wedding and then find an estimated cost to give you a clear picture of what you will spend. 

Choose a Summer Palette

Summer is a beautiful time to get creative and experiment with fun and bright colors. Pastels are a popular option for using light and airy fabrics like tulle. Consider your location when picking your color palette. If you are having a beach wedding, you might aim for pastels, or if you are aiming for a more rustic wedding, you can bring in the pretty elements of eucalyptus and bright whites. 

Prepare for the Heat

It’s always important to account for summer rainstorms as well as the heat when preparing for your summer wedding. When picking venus, aim for locations that provide shade and if you choose an outdoor wedding, consider sunscreen and other summer items to keep your guests comfortable. In addition, you can add monogrammed fans, water bottles, and other items to keep everyone cool. 

Plan a Seasonal Menu

Summer is the season for fun. Get creative and have snow cones, ice cream, and refreshing drinks, and consider local herbs, foods, and beverages to add a local feel to your wedding. You have a lot of freedom in the summer for fun events like a BBQ, signature cocktails, and other seasonal items that add that extra touch to your menu. 

Find the Perfect Dress

A summer wedding dress should account for the weather and location. Of course, you want to pick a beautiful dress that makes you feel amazing, but just consider how many layers and what fabrics are used for your dress. That way, you can keep cool and still wow the crowd. 

Find the Perfect Wedding Band

It’s best to start looking for wedding bands about 3-4 months before your wedding, and we would love to help you find the perfect set. Getting an early start leaves plenty of time for sizing and finding the perfect ring. You can shop together or set up separate appointments to surprise one another on your wedding day.


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