Have you ever seen a woman with three wedding bands? You might have grown accustomed to seeing two, but why is a third wedding ring a growing trend? While there can be many reasons a woman decides to sport three rings, let’s dive into the traditional reasons as the three-band wedding ring set can have deep significance. 

The Engagement Ring

The first ring you will typically see in a wedding set is the engagement ring. This ring is the first part of a couple’s journey and signifies the promise of getting married. Typically the engagement ring has a gemstone that stands out similar to a halo-style ring. Traditionally the ring will have diamonds, however, there is a growing trend for rings to have different stones like rubies and emeralds.  Ultimately it’s important to understand your partner’s style before purchasing this ring as it is one they will wear forever. 

The Wedding Band

After the engagement ring has been given, the next ring is the wedding band. The wedding band is typically plain or encrusted with beautiful gems, and is exchanged during the wedding ceremony. It’s important that the wedding band matches the engagement ring, and you can purchase these in a matching set. It’s best to plan for the wedding band a few months before the wedding to ensure you have everything you need. 

The Anniversary Ring

Now let’s talk about the third ring in the wedding band sets, the anniversary ring. While couples can stop at two rings, some choose to purchase a third ring for their anniversary. This ring is typically given on the 5th or 10th anniversary. Similar to the wedding band, you want this ring to match the others, but it’s always nice to add a special touch like adding an engraving inside the band.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Set

If you are looking for the perfect wedding band, engagement ring, or set, we can help! Now you know why there are three rings in a wedding set and we would love to help you find the perfect ones. We have an extensive variety of beautiful rings that will wow your partner and make your wedding vows even more magical. Come visit us in-store so we can help you pick and customize your wedding set.


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