You know of engagement and wedding rings, but what about anniversary rings? While they are similar, anniversary rings are given to your partner to commemorate your relationship. Anniversary rings are a special way to honor your marriage as the years go on. If you haven’t heard about anniversary rings and want to learn more, this post will help give you the information you need. 


What are anniversary rings?


Couples choose anniversary rings to honor and commemorate the milestones of a relationship. They are different and separate from wedding and engagement rings. They can look very similar to your wedding or engagement ring, but they are usually given during milestones in the relationship. Engagement rings accompany the proposal, and the wedding rings are traditionally exchanged during the wedding ceremony. Anniversary rings are gifted to honor a couple’s anniversary.

When do you give them?


You can decide when to gift an anniversary ring. Some of the common times to do it are milestones like after 5, 10, 20, or even 50 years of marriage. The good thing is that there are no guidelines as to when you have to give one. It’s entirely up to you! That’s why some couples choose to wait for a decade of marriage to gift an anniversary ring, and others never do. If you haven’t considered gifting an anniversary ring to celebrate your next milestone, there are several reasons to do so. They include:


  • Unique and beautiful gift
  • Make memories
  • Honor your relationship and love


Where do you wear them?


Depending on preference, you or your spouse can wear an anniversary ring wherever you’d like. You may want to stack your ring with your engagement and wedding bands on your left ring finger. Alternatively,  perhaps you can also wear it on the right hand to show it off. No matter where you wear your ring, the memories and emotions will be there whenever you see it.


Choosing Your Ring


The process of choosing a perfect anniversary ring can be complicated, much like with any other piece of meaningful jewelry. With that being said, there are some questions you can ask as you shop for a ring. Here are just a few:


  • Do you want your ring to match or blend in with your other bands?
  • Are you looking for a standalone item?
  • What kind of stones do you want? Diamonds? Other gems?
  • How can you see the ring on your hand or with your other pieces?


What to Look For


If you want to shop for a ring with your spouse, it can be a fun and bonding activity to do together. For couples who prefer surprises, you will have to be creative in searching for the right ring. Much like shopping for engagement rings, the process can be involved and it’s helpful to have a knowledgeable, supportive jeweler to help guide you. The more information and resources you have as you shop, the easier it will be.


Shop for Anniversary Rings


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