If you’re planning a wedding, part of the preparation process is shopping for rings. It might seem simple at first, but there are differences between engagement rings and wedding bands. How are they similar? What sets them apart from each other? When you shop for your wedding rings, what are things to consider? This post will answer these questions to give you confidence during this process. 

Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Bands Overview


First, let’s do an overview of engagement rings vs. wedding bands. An engagement ring is given during a proposal. They are typically worn as a sign of the pending wedding. This is different from wedding bands. Wedding bands are provided during and worn after the ceremony. Both engagement and wedding rings are typically worn throughout your marriage for decades to come! That’s why understanding the difference can be helpful before you start shopping.

Design Difference


A key difference between engagement rings and wedding bands is the design. In general, engagement rings are more intricate. Choose from many kinds of metals, settings, and stones to add sparkle. Design features are a deciding factor for engagement rings more than wedding bands. Wedding bands have simpler characteristics, especially for men. Brides sometimes can purchase an engagement and wedding band as a set if they prefer. The groom does not have this option because they usually just have one ring.

Functional Difference


Wedding bands and engagement rings have different functions. As stated above, only one member of the couple – almost always the bride-to-be – wears an engagement ring. This is for the duration of the engagement as well as after the wedding ceremony. Both the engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. During the ceremony, the wedding band is placed on the finger followed by the engagement ring on top. This gives the impression of a “ring stack”. A bride can also choose to solder the wedding band and engagement rings together. In contrast, a groom’s wedding band is typically a solitary band. Grooms traditionally do not wear a band during the engagement period.


Price Difference


If you plan on proposing in the future, you want to find the perfect engagement ring.  Engagement rings take priority in the process of preparing for a wedding. For this reason, most of your budget gets allocated to the engagement ring. You might forget to plan adequately for the cost of the wedding bands. The truth is that while wedding bands are less pricey than engagement rings, you still need to consider the cost. Price can vary depending on your preferences. For example, choosing a set for your engagement and wedding bands may reduce your overall cost, or it could add to it. Some couples wish to engrave their wedding bands or personalize them in another way. This adds to the cost, so keep this in mind.

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