These days, you can find an engagement or wedding ring to match any style or preference. But as each year passes, new styles come and go. An example of these style differences is stackable vs. single rings. At Stephen Allen Jewelers, we have hundreds of beautiful designs to choose from. Let’s learn about stackable vs. single rings and which one might be best for you.


What Are Single Rings?


Single rings are typically what you think of when you shop for rings. A single ring usually consists of one band with a stone (or several). These are classic options for people who prefer a simple and more traditional style. If you have smaller hands, for example, a single ring would look more delicate. Single rings are a classic design that many people choose.


What Are Stackable Rings?


Stackable rings refer to rings that have several bands placed on top of each other. The best part about stackable things is that you can mix and match styles and preferences. You don’t have to stick to one design if you don’t want to – you can stack several types of rings on top of each other to reflect your individuality.


Differences Between Stackable Rings vs. Single Rings


There are several differences between stackable vs. single rings. The first is that with a single ring, you don’t have much choice over your design once it’s created. You can work around this by looking into custom-designed rings. With stackable rings, you can work with your preferences even as they change. Single rings typically have simpler designs, whereas stackable rings can be more complex and take up more space on your finger. Most of the differences between stackable rings vs. single rings have to do with style preferences. Remember that you can create your own stackable rings by adding several single rings on top of each other!


Pros and Cons 


Again, the pros and cons of stackable rings vs. single rings depend on what you prefer. One pro for single-band rings is that you have a lot of designs to choose from. Since so many people prefer single rings for engagement or even wedding bands, this makes for a great option! You never have to worry about not finding a perfect ring. Single rings are also perfect choices if you prefer classic and traditional styles. 

In contrast, stackable rings are great options if you love to stand out from the crowd. You can take advantage of the benefits of single rings and combine them into a stackable ring. Layer several bands on top of each other for a unique look. Combine several types of metals, like gold and diamonds, for a special design. It’s really up to you! When it comes to deciding between stackable rings vs. single rings, the choice is yours and what you want.

Now that we’ve discussed the difference between stackable rings and single rings, it’s time to shop! Call us or stop by our storefront to browse our extensive jewelry collection for yourself.


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