March marks the beginning of spring – warmer weather, outdoor gatherings, and time with friends and family are in store. But, for people born in March, there is even more to celebrate. March birthstones are given to those with birthdays in March or with the corresponding Zodiac sign, similar to amethyst in February. Read on to learn about birthstones for the month of March.  


What Are The Two Birthstones?


While most other months have one birthstone, March has two: aquamarine and bloodstone. Aquamarine is by far the more well-known of the two gemstones due to its vibrant blue color, but bloodstone has unique physical properties of its own. The following is some information about each of the March birthstones.


Facts About Aquamarine 

Stunning Blue-Green Color

Aquamarine is known around the world for its blue-green color that sparkles and delights. However, there are actually several different shades of aquamarine, with some greener and others more light blue. This unique range of color options attracts many to this stunning gem.

Name And Meaning

The name “aquamarine” comes directly from the Latin word for “seawater”. That’s due to the gemstone’s color which invokes the sea’s greens and blues.


Over the centuries, there have been several uses for aquamarine. Traditionally it has been thought to represent peace and tranquility, as well as protection at sea for sailors. Aquamarine’s stunning color makes a great choice for a unique engagement ring. It’s also given to commemorate a couple’s 19th wedding anniversary

Facts About Bloodstone

Dark Green Unique Color

In contrast to aquamarine, bloodstone has a dark green hue with red flecks in it. As a result, Bloodstone offers a unique and beautiful color that distinguishes it from other gemstones.


This gemstone is generally found in riverbeds, pebbles, and rocks in Brazil, India, and Australia. However, you can also find them in some of these areas in the United States. 


Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope. This word is from ancient Greek, and means “sun-turning”. Legend has it that the stone can turn water red in the setting sun, which is where the name comes from. 


In addition to being one of the March birthstones, bloodstone also has several uses. Athletes sometimes rely on bloodstones to increase strength and preserve health and youth. The gemstone also is thought to induce courage for those who need it. In addition, Bloodstone makes stunning jewelry pieces that stand out from the crowd. The green color can also be incorporated into a St. Patrick’s Day jewelry theme.

Similarities And Differences

There are similarities and differences between aquamarine and bloodstone. Both gemstones are March birthstones, and they also are thought to offer protection and enhanced quality of life. They also each make beautiful settings in rings, earrings, necklaces or any other piece of jewelry. Differences between the two include popularity: aquamarine is more well-known than bloodstone worldwide. They look very distinct and different from each other, so choosing between them might be easier if you have a preference for either color. 

Whether you prefer aquamarine or bloodstone, you can find a jewelry item that showcases their beautiful and special features. Shop these stones and more at Stephen Allen Jewelers.