February is the month of love and the perfect time to surprise a loved one with a beautiful piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion! If you or someone you love were born in February, it’s time to focus on this month’s birthstone: amethyst. Amethyst is beloved in many cultures worldwide for its stunning purple color. Here are 5 facts about amethyst to inspire you this month.


What Are Birthstones?


A birthstone is a representative of when you were born, which is often designated by month or by zodiac sign. There are twelve birthstones in all, one for each month of the calendar year. Wear birthstones in jewelry like pendant necklaces and rings for a signature look.


Why Amethyst?


There are several legends associated with why amethyst is February’s birthstone. One popular reason is that this stone was an alleged favorite of St. Valentine. He wore a ring of amethyst, which makes it fit with the month of love. Other legends describe amethyst as offering protection from harm or malady. 


Facts About Amethyst


While most people know about this gemstone,  you might not be aware of several facts about amethyst. Read on to find out more about this beautiful gem and what makes it unique. 


Purple Color


One of the first things to know about amethyst is its beautiful color. The gem boasts a stunning, vibrant purple hue, making it distinct from other stones. Cultures worldwide have prized amethyst for centuries because of its color. It takes any piece of jewelry and amplifies its beauty to the next level, and makes a perfect custom option


Quartz Crystal


Amethyst is a member of the quartz family. Quartz is a mineral with crystalline structures. It is one of the most abundantly available mineral compounds on Earth, and it comes in a variety of colors ranging from clear to stunning arrays of different hues, including purple. Iron deposits in the quartz structure give amethyst its signature color. 


Name Meaning


The etymology of “amethyst” can be traced back to Ancient Greece. It means “protection from drunkenness” or “not drunk” in Greek. According to legend, the Greeks believed that wearing amethyst would lessen the effects of alcohol on their system. It also is associated with protection from other maladies as well. 


History and Uses


Historically, there are several uses associated with amethyst. The first is to mark a birth month as a birthstone. Amethyst is also used for the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries, so remember to mark it down on your calendar! It has also been loved by royalty due to its purple hue. Finally, of course, gemstones like amethyst also make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.


Facts About Amethyst: Keep Away From Heat


A final fact to consider is a practical one: keep amethyst away from direct heat sources and extreme sunlight. Both of these can ruin and fade the purple color that February’s birthstone is so loved for.


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