Are you planning a wedding or an upcoming engagement? Congratulations!  You might be wondering if you should get his & hers wedding rings. These types of rings typically have matching components like metal, finishes, or a combination. If you want to have similar styles for your rings, there are many benefits to doing this. And when you’re ready to shop for your wedding rings, Stephen Allen Jewelers has something for you.


Know Your Style Preferences


The first step when shopping for any jewelry is knowing your style preferences. If you both want to have similar rings, his & hers wedding bands are a good option. However, if you prefer independent styles, you’ll want to consider how to incorporate these together. It’s also good to understand the pros and cons of matching rings. 


Benefits of Matching His & Hers Wedding Rings


There are several benefits of matching his & hers wedding rings. First, you can share a similar design when out and about or at home, providing a sense of closeness. You can experience togetherness by having cohesive designs. It can also be easier to shop for similar designs than separate ones. Anniversary rings are another way to mark your relationship with a special gift.


Cons To Consider


Like any decision, there are some cons to keep in mind for his & hers wedding rings. If you or your spouse do not like or plan on wearing a wedding ring, they would not be a good fit for you. And if you prefer some independence when it comes to your ring’s design, having matching wedding rings might not be preferable. There are also some limitations when it comes to design options. 


His & Hers Wedding Rings 


If you would like to shop for his & hers wedding rings, there are several options you have when it comes to your design choices. The first is choosing the same kinds of metals. For example, even if the design may be more pronounced on her wedding band, the same metal base can demonstrate a sense of cohesion. Choose from metals like yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, or even a combination.


For another option, consider incorporating a similar gemstone into the design. For example,  his ring could have a diamond setting or other jewel encased on one side, and hers could have diamonds all around the sphere. That way, you can enjoy similar styles and designs in smaller ways without having an identical match.


You can choose a personalized touch by engraving your rings, too. Some couples prefer engraving their names and wedding date, while others might choose a saying or phrase that’s important to them. It’s up to you. Engraving is a great option for a more subtle version of his & hers wedding rings. Often you might be the only ones to know about it, which can help you feel connected and bonded together in a special way. 


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