Are you looking for ways to customize lab-grown diamonds? Diamonds grown in a lab are real and authentic, created under the same heat and high-pressure conditions as natural stones. While synthetic diamonds are not as “one-of-a-kind,” you can still customize them in specific ways. Like natural diamonds, manmade stones differ in size, shape, and color. Read on to learn how you can customize lab-grown diamonds to make them special, unique, and a wonderful gift for you or a loved one.




One of the ways that you can customize synthetic diamonds is by color. Both manmade and natural diamonds can look similar in color, but you have the option of tweaking the color options with a lab-grown option. Natural diamonds can produce differences in color and structure; the same is true for stones grown in a lab. For example, you can incorporate different color stones and fit them perfectly with a band for seamless integration.




Lab-grown diamonds carry high-quality kind of diamonds called Type 11A. These types are the purest form of diamonds which sets synthetic options apart from mined stones, where this type is extremely rare. The carat, or the diamond’s weight, is another way in which lab-grown diamonds sparkle when compared to natural ones. Generally, a diamond grown in a lab allows you to customize the carat for your design. This means you can also tweak the gem’s size to reflect the style you want. Heavier carat weight does not always mean larger diamonds, but they are linked. 




Similar to the previous point, if you have an idea of the size of diamond you’re looking for, synthetic choices are great options. Size is an example of how you can make a ring work in your plans. This can be especially helpful if you want an engagement or wedding band. Everyone’s hands are different, and some sizes work better for others. Lab-grown diamonds give you more flexibility when it comes to size. Sizing customizations are a helpful way to make a diamond unique.




Another option to customize your synthetic diamond is by shape. Just like sizing, diamonds can come in different shapes. No matter what kind of shape you are looking for, you can find something for everyone. While a princess cut is a popular option, there are others to choose from to make a diamond your own.  


Price Point


The price point is another way you can make synthetic diamonds work well for you. Generally, manmade diamonds are more affordable than naturally sourced alternatives. This means you have more flexibility to spend on other areas of customization like size, shape, and color. When it comes to price, diamonds made in a lab are the clear winner and offer various options to make a piece of jewelry your own. In addition, you can make lab-grown diamonds work for you with customizations that naturally sourced stones cannot provide.


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