When it comes to diamonds, most people think of natural gemstones. These crystallized carbon composites develop their intricate and beautiful designs through pressure and heat. However, the process of sourcing these diamonds is controversial. If you don’t want to support the natural diamond sourcing industry, synthetic diamonds made in a lab are an excellent alternative. This article discusses some of the most common lab-grown diamond FAQS.


What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?


Lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic or man-made stones, are diamonds formed in a lab rather than in the Earth. The same processes of heat and pressure are applied to the stone in a lab, but the results occur faster than natural diamonds. This means that even though there has typically been more demand for natural diamonds in the past, now there is the opportunity to access these stones sustainably and less controversially. These diamonds offer the same beautiful designs without the time and concerns associated with naturally sourced stones.


Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real?


If you are wondering how synthetic diamonds are made, you might wonder if they are real. Since the same processes apply to these diamonds, these man-made stones are just as real as natural ones. 


Can You Tell The Difference?


Another common question about man-made diamonds is distinguishing between natural and synthetic ones. The good thing is that even the most expert jewelers cannot tell the difference without a microscope. There are tests used to determine the types of diamonds and more specific ways to assess whether a stone is grown in a lab or sourced naturally. 


How Long Does It Take?


The processes that make up natural diamonds are thought to take millions of years. Then, combining heat and pressure creates the cut, clarity, and overall beauty that makes diamonds so unique (and sparkly!). In contrast, synthetic diamonds made in the lab only take a few weeks to develop. That’s a fraction of the time it takes for natural stones. 


Are Man-Made Diamonds More Affordable?


Due to the faster development time and the lack of controversy that can occur with naturally sourced stones, diamonds grown in a lab are often much more affordable. The difference can often be tens of thousands of dollars – which is no small sum! For many people, price plays a big role in choosing a specific diamond. Consider lab-made options if you want the beautiful detail of cut and clarity in a diamond without the high price tag.


Cleaning And Maintenance


Since synthetic diamonds are visually and chemically identical to natural ones, cleaning and maintaining your jewelry is the same. Follow the steps to keep your diamonds looking as good as new, regardless of where they were developed.


Why Choose Synthetic Diamonds?


We hope this article on Lab-Grown Diamonds FAQ has been helpful. There are many reasons to consider shopping for man-made diamonds, especially if you feel uncomfortable with the controversy around naturally sourced gemstones. Price is another factor. Finally, the fact that synthetic diamonds are just as real and beautiful as natural stones is enough to convince many people of their value. 


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