The growing interest in lab-grown diamonds is legitimate. Concerns about the process of mining for diamonds and the ethics around it have increased in recent years, and for a good reason. Lab-grown options provide an option for diamonds that are more sustainable. Are lab-grown diamonds real? Yes, they are. Here is some more information about lab-grown diamonds and what makes them unique.


What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?


Lab-grown diamonds are just as real as other types of diamonds. Diamonds are a form of carbon with crystallized features, leading to the beautiful designs and cuts we know today. Traditionally, diamonds have been sourced through mining, which has big ethical implications. Lab-grown diamonds are simply that – diamonds grown in a lab instead of from the Earth. 


How They Are Made


The process for how lab-grown diamonds are made synthetically is similar to how they are made naturally. The difference between man-made diamonds and natural ones is the time and location it takes to grow them. Diamonds grown in a lab take significantly less time to develop than their natural counterparts. Heat and pressure are used to shape the carbon seed into the diamond features so many appreciate and love. This occurs both naturally and in the lab. You can be confident that diamonds and labs are exposed to the same conditions. Synthetic diamonds are just as real as other ones. It is difficult to differentiate between natural diamonds and man-made gems because they are visually and chemically identical. 


Certified Diamonds


Can you get the lab-grown diamonds certified? The great news is – yes, you can! A third party completes a certification document and reviews the diamond for clarity, cut, and color. This can be very helpful if you are concerned about the quality of your man-made diamond. The certification is completed by expert jewelers who know what they are looking for, so you can have peace of mind.


How Much Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Cost?


The price for lab-grown diamonds is also real. Diamonds require significant investment regardless of where they are formed. However, man-made diamonds can often be more affordable than natural ones. The difference can be in thousands of dollars – so if you’re on the market for a diamond ring or other piece of jewelry, a lab-grown diamond is a great alternative that’s easier on your wallet.


Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real? 


The value of lab-grown vs. natural diamonds is related to the discussion about how real they are. Unfortunately, there is a black market for naturally sourced diamonds, which can sometimes affect their worth. Many people wish to avoid these concerns when searching for the perfect diamond for a proposal, but it can be difficult to know how to do so. Synthetic diamonds offer this benefit while also providing value in their own right. While it’s often assumed that synthetic/man-made diamonds do not have any resale value, that is not the case. They do resell for less, but for the peace of mind you get, it’s more than worth it.

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