There are many things to celebrate in spring. If you or a loved one have a birthday in April, looking for a gift with their birthstone is a unique way to honor them. The birthstone for April is the beloved, stunning diamond. These gems are by far one of the world’s most popular jewelry options. Learn more about the April birthstone below, including popular meanings and uses. 

Why Diamonds for April?

Like other birthstones, there have been specific birthstones associated with different months. This list was designated in 1912. Diamonds were assigned to people born in the month of April. However, because of their desirability, diamonds make a beautiful and thoughtful gift at any time of year as well. 

All About the April Birthstone

Diamonds are stunning and beautiful gems that are beloved by people and cultures all over the world. Made of carbon over billions of years under high heat and pressure and over 100 miles below the Earth’s surface, crystalline structures form to give them the visual features diamonds are known for. When it comes to jewelry, diamonds are popular for engagement and wedding rings as well as everyday pieces.


The stones have been around for billions of years. Since ancient times, much like other gems, people have recognized that there is something special about diamonds.  Their sparkle and iridescence give them their unique look, and diamonds remain coveted to this day. 

Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Fascination with diamonds created a desire for lab-made alternatives in the face of growing knowledge about ethical concerns with mined stones. Once diamonds were established to be made of carbon, scientists began the process of developing them. Now, lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity because of their lower costs and conflict-free origins. Recent developments have refined the process, so to the normal eye, they are indistinguishable from natural stones. 


Diamonds have been appreciated and sought after for millennia for their connection to love and affection. This is one of the reasons why they make such a good option for engagement and wedding rings. They have been used for this purpose for centuries. It has also been used for energy and balance as well as protection from illness,and people also believe diamonds provide long life and happiness. 

April Birthstone Uses

You can’t go wrong with gifting diamond jewelry throughout the year. If you are celebrating an April birthday for yourself or a loved one, honoring the month’s birthstone is a great way to personalize an already stunning gift. As stated above, diamonds are especially loved for wedding and engagement rings. This is because of the gorgeous features and sparkles that diamonds are known for, and they catch the eye of everyone who sees them. Other great uses include gifts for springtime events like Mother’s Day, and just because! 

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