Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, there has been a renewed interest in the Royal Family. Members of the British Royal family don sophisticated, beautiful outfits when on public outings – most often with a signature piece of jewelry. In this post, we’ll share the kinds of jewelry royals typically wear and how you can incorporate royal-inspired jewelry into your outfit. 


What Makes Royal-Inspired Jewelry?


By royal-inspired jewelry, we’re referring to designs that are similar to what members of the royal family have worn in public. However, it really can just be about using some of the royal styles to inspire your own fashion statement. Royal jewelry is usually bold and grabs attention, and they almost always have meaning. Often, a royal piece of jewelry is given as an heirloom gift, and in some cases has been in the family for hundreds of years. 


Elegant and Sophisticated


Royal jewelry is elegant and sophisticated, and usually not without some serious sparkle. But, since so much history is behind these pieces, it’s only part of the story. Much thought is given to every jewelry choice for an outing or special occasion, and the same is true for you. Your jewelry pieces tell a story and have a lot to say, even in modest dress. A perfectly chosen jewelry product can amplify any wardrobe and help you stand out. Here are some royally inspired jewelry pieces.




Earrings are an effortless fashion statement to incorporate into any outfit. The best part is choosing as subtle a look as possible or making it more glamorous. The Royal Family are often spotted with simple drop earrings as they fulfill their duties. These are elegant and yet make a subtle statement with any outfit and royal-inspired jewelry reflects that. Shop some Allison-Kaufman royal-inspired earrings here.




Brooches are a signature piece of jewelry for the royals. Even Princess Charlotte, the 7-year-old daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales, wore one during the Queen’s funeral. Brooches fasten onto clothing and are usually made of silver, goal, or metal. They are a simple way to add bling to an outfit.




For the Queen’s funeral, Catherine, Princess of Wales, donned a sparkly necklace owned by Her Majesty. The Queen had been spotted wearing it on several outings throughout the years. This beautiful piece framed her face and honored its original owner during the solemn ceremony. A necklace can add so much to an outfit, and it’s an easy way to dress up for any occasion. Look to add a statement necklace to your royal-inspired jewelry collection.




No jewelry collection is complete without some statement rings. Whether it’s your engagement or wedding ring or another fashion item just because, a ring can turn even everyday experiences into a stunning display. When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, he dazzled her and the world with a sapphire oval cut ring. You can find a really similar one in our collection of sapphire jewelry to copy the Princess of Wales’ style.


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