Wedding rings have been a traditional way to express the wedding bond between spouses for decades. But are wedding rings still a tradition you want to follow? Do people still wear wedding rings? These questions and more will be answered in this article, so you can make a decision about how you want to move forward with wearing a wedding ring or not.


Purpose of Wedding Rings


For many people, there are several purposes to wedding rings. The first is to demonstrate your marital status. Secondly, you might want to wear a ring to show your love and honor for your spouse. In general, wedding rings are a culturally accepted representation of marriage and have been for a long time. Therefore they continue to be the most common way to demonstrate one’s marital status. 

Reasons to Wear Wedding Rings Overview


Just like the purposes for wedding rings, there are also several reasons why people still wear wedding rings. The main reasons include tradition, personal preference, and the cultural expectations around you. While these may not be your reason for wearing a wedding ring, these are the most common ones.




The power of tradition can be an influential reason to choose to wear a wedding ring. Most people you know probably wear a wedding ring. For decades, the traditional reason for wearing a wedding ring is often one of the main reasons people choose to wear one. This can be enough of a reason for you.




Another reason you might want to wear a wedding ring is personal preference. If you like wearing jewelry, it would make sense for you to wear a wedding ring. On the other hand, if you don’t want to wear a ring, you could look up alternatives to jewelry as a way to demonstrate your marital status. It really is up to you.


Cultural Expectation


As stated above, cultural expectations on this issue mean that the overwhelming majority of married couples wear rings to reflect that they are married. Most people want to avoid questions that may come up if they don’t wear a ring and are married, so they go ahead and wear one anyway. Similar to tradition, cultural expectations can be the primary reason you choose to wear a wedding ring. 


Do You Have to Wear a Wedding Ring?

No you don’t have to wear a wedding ring. Despite all of the reasons someone might want to wear a wedding ring, you aren’t required to do so. In fact, the decision to wear wedding rings is up to you and your spouse. You might decide only one of you wears one, or neither of you do. While the decision should be considered carefully, it is one you can make together.


Do Men and Women Wear Wedding Rings?


Traditionally, men and women wear wedding bands on their left ring fingers. Women wear their wedding band stacked on their engagement ring, whereas grooms usually have one standalone wedding ring.


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