In jewelry – and in life – there are several key components that go into supporting and making someone or something shine. The star of the show when it comes to engagement rings is the gem, usually a diamond. However, there are other things that help prop up and support the star of the show, even in jewelry. One example is a setting for engagement rings. What are engagement ring settings, and why should you know about them? This article is a quick overview.


In simple terms, a setting on an engagement ring refers to the way that a gem sits or rests on the band. There are several ways that a setting can differ based on the style preferences you have. Some of the most popular kinds of settings include solitaire, halo, and three prong options. Here are some specific examples.


A solitaire setting is often paired with a prong that lifts and separates the diamond from the band. This prong often looks like a claw that holds the gem in place. The result is that this kind of setting is timeless and classic, especially for solitary gems. 


Halo settings are named for their unique design reminiscent of a “halo” around the gem itself. These rings typically have a circular or square shape border of smaller stones around the center stone. This gives the halo effect and adds a beautiful sparkle to any ring. This setting is perfect for those who love traditional designs but want something that stands out without being too flashy.


Why have just one stone when you can have more? Three stone settings are a simple but sparkly alternative to a solitary diamond. Most three stone settings include a center diamond with two smaller gems on either side. While three stone engagement rings are not as popular as other options, they are a classic and beautiful choice if you want something that stands out from the crowd.


Solitaire prongs, halo and three stones are some of the most popular engagement ring setting options, but they are by no means your only choices. In 2021, there is a design to meet almost any preference or desire. One unique alternative is a tension setting, which rests the diamond in between the band. This gives the appearance that the diamond is floating in the space between the bands. A bezel setting encloses the diamond in the band itself, which offers a modern take on a classic engagement ring style. If you prefer an engagement ring style with subtle and dainty flare, consider a Channel or Bar setting. These options both include smaller stones set in the band itself, either framing the center stone or omitting one altogether.

No matter what you are looking for, there is an engagement ring setting style for everyone. Stop by Stephen Allen Jewelers at our East Longmeadow, MA location to shop our entire collection of engagement rings. 


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