Do you ever wear your rings or jewelry while cleaning, swimming, showering, and using things like lotion? We might all be a little guilty of doing this, but the problem is you can be exposing your favorite jewelry to wear and tear and grime! It’s important to keep your jewelry clean and protected so you can enjoy it for years to come. Sometimes you can clean your jewelry at home, but other times it’s appropriate to bring them in for some professional care. 

How To Care For Your Jewelry

First things first, as mentioned above- we know you love to wear that wedding ring of yours, but when washing the dishes, gardening, and even just enjoying your favorite lotions, please take off your rings. The moisture and products you use can easily get trapped in the crevices of your jewelry and create issues in the future. To keep them safe, try having a designated spot to store your jewelry. 

Maintain Your Jewelry

If you are not sure how to correctly clean your jewelry, we can help. Each type of stone and material has unique needs to keep them safe and clean. For example, gemstones require an extremely gentle approach to cleaning, much like pearls and opals. You also don’t want to clean your jewelry more than every other month because over-cleaning can damage them. We also recommend getting an annual check-up for your fave pieces to ensure that everything is intact and no damage has been done. 

Fine Jewelry Care 

The most gentle way to clean your jewelry is using lukewarm water, mild detergent, and a soft-bristle brush. Be sure only to dip your jewelry in for a few seconds, so you do not damage them. If you have hard-to-reach dirt, try gently using a toothpick, and be sure to note any damages or loose stones you might see as you are cleaning it. 

Jewelry Cleaning Tools 

If you want to keep up on at-home cleaning and care for your jewelry, here are a few items that will come in handy:

  • Polishing cloth to buff your jewelry
  • Shallow bowl to cleanse jewelry in
  • Soft towels that won’t scratch them when drying them off
  • Unused (soft) toothbrush for cleaning 

If you have tried at-home cleaning but need a little help to make that ring of your sparkle, we offer jewelry cleaning at our East Massachusetts location. Come in today or call for an appointment!


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