Jewelry that has been passed down in your family holds significant meaning and value beyond monetary worth. Each piece has a story, a history, and meaning that you will cherish for life. So if you have inherited a family heirloom, how can you keep it safe and in lasting condition?

Insure Your Heirloom

Insurance is an important way to protect your jewelry, especially an heirloom. This will protect your item from theft and damage. In addition, if your jewelry is damaged, you can get compensation to take it to a jeweler for repair. 

Keep Your Heirlooms In Good Repair

Heirlooms can be old and damaged, requiring expert repair to keep them in good condition. Keeping up on routine repair and care will lengthen the life of your heirloom, so you can continue to pass it down for many generations to come. 

Be Careful How It Is Stored 

If you want your heirloom to last forever, be mindful of how you store it. Each type of jewelry requires unique care, like wrapping silver in cloth or storing your gemstones in a soft and scratch-free environment. If you are not sure about how your jewelry should be stored, we would be more than happy to assist. 

Ditch The Jewels When You Travel

While it can be tempting to take your inherited pieces with you when you travel, there is a risk of them being stolen or lost. If you must take it with you, have the jewelry in your carry-on to avoid getting lost. You can also wear the jewelry, but try not to bring too much attention to it. 

Want To Start Your Own Tradition?

Whether you already have a family heirloom or not, finding your own unique piece that you can pass down to your children is a wonderful way to create a meaningful tradition. We have many unique and beautiful pieces that would work perfectly for creating your heirloom for generations to come. If you need help finding the right piece, come visit our team! We would love to help you find the perfect jewelry for your family.


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