Diamond rings are the go-to option for engagements and are the worldwide symbol of eternal love and commitment. However, though diamonds are a classic choice, lab-grown diamonds offer a more affordable and ethically-sourced option and are growing in popularity. 

If you wonder if CVD lab-grown diamonds are the right choice for you, keep reading to learn more about how they are made and the benefits of adorning your jewelry with CVD diamonds. 

What Are CVD Diamonds?

CVD diamonds are produced using a chemical vapor deposition method. This method uses carbon-rich gasses and high heat to turn the gas into plasma, causing carbon pieces to be released. This causes a diamond to grow, and you are left with a beautiful diamond. 

Are CVD Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

When you hear the term lab-grown, you might picture synthetic diamonds; however, CVD lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. They are just grown in a laboratory instead of being mined from the earth. CVD diamonds are not Cubic Zirconia, as they contain real carbon and are much stronger than the current Cubic Zirconia options available. 

What Is the Difference Between Natural Diamonds & CVD Diamonds? 

Beyond the sourcing method, there is no huge difference between natural diamonds and CVD diamonds. They are similar in thermal, optical, and chemical composition. CVD diamonds might actually have the edge over natural diamonds since they are made of 100% carbon (the purest type of diamonds you can get). 

Why are CVD Diamonds Cheaper Than Natural Diamonds?

We often associate cost with quality, and you might wonder why CVD diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds. The simple answer is that CVD diamonds are less costly to produce. Since they are created in a lab, there is no need for mining fees and other accumulated costs that come with the process of obtaining natural diamonds. 

Are CVD Diamonds Ethical?

CVD lab-grown diamonds are an ethical option as they do not impact the environment, and they do not carry any ethical or social issues. CVD lab-grown diamonds are a great way to get a more affordable, ethically-sourced diamond.

Can You Tell the Difference Between CVD Diamonds and Natural Diamonds By Looking at Them?

No! You can’t tell the difference between natural diamonds and CVD diamonds just by their appearance. It takes an expert eye and hi-tech machinery to tell the difference between the two. In fact, you might find your CVD diamond is more beautiful in appearance. 

If you are considering purchasing a CVD lab-grown diamond and want to learn more or see them in person, stop by anytime, and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. At Stephen Allen Jewelers, we have a wide selection of beautiful natural and CVD diamonds for you to choose from.


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