With many people shopping for wedding bands this time of year, we wanted to share some of this year’s top wedding band trends.

Two For You, Two For Me

While women are currently shopping for two wedding bands, so are men. Women are buying two wedding bands and either choosing to wear one on each side of the engagement ring, giving a symmetrical appearance or stacking the bands together on one side of the engagement ring. The bands typically are the same when two are purchased for this purpose. While the wives-to-be are shopping for two rings, so are the husbands-to-be! Instead of buying two to wear together though, the future husbands are purchasing one band in a precious metal for every day wear and another in stainless steel for when they are doing household projects, exercising and playing sports.


Vintage style is returning, and many people are following the trend! Couples are either using a family heirloom as a wedding band, using choosing vintage inspired bands or creating their own band to replicate a family heirloom. These pieces can have sentimental meaning to the couple. If you are looking to have a vintage piece created, make sure to use a jeweler that creates custom jewelry like Stephen Allen Jewelers in East Longmeadow, MA.

Mixed Metals

Another 2019 wedding band trend is combining different precious metals to create a unique blend and appearance. Many times, this is a combination of white gold or platinum with yellow gold or rose gold. This could be single solid bands, or the bands can incorporate diamonds or other stones in them. In addition, other metals are hitting the charts in popularity including titanium, tungsten, cobalt and chromium.


Engraving the inside of wedding bands has been done for many years, however; the 2019 wedding band trend is to engrave something meaningful. Historically, people would engrave their initials or wedding date, but now couples are incorporating a saying, phrase or word that is symbolic and to them. This gives a uniqueness to the rings and has special meaning to the couple.

Tell us, have you incorporated any of the 2019 wedding band trends?